*saves game*

*presses exit game*

"Do you want to save your game before you exit?"

"I should just in case" 

idk if my eating irregularity has anything to do with my physical withdrawal and loss of appetite – or my subconsciousness of not wanting to exceed the recommended daily intake of calories.

sorry body.

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the frequency of my nightmare occurance these few weeks is surpassing what i’ve been getting in my whole lifetime (well, except during childhood, because kids are more prone to nightmares). i’m scared shitless almost every time i wake up, and having a frail body doesn’t help the situation.

i’m so afraid. i’m definitely not hoping for a peaceful day when my fears will finally die – along with me.

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Topshop Burgundy Dip Dye Opaque Tights Office Brazen boots by I Want You To Know UK Fashion Blog on Flickr.
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Bridget Collins
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New mint and lavender Iris Nectar brooch available in the etsy shop! 


This is a photo story I created for my photo class my last semester of college. I didn’t realize we would have to share our photos with the class and the chorus of awwww’s was fairly embarrassing. 

Canvas  by  andbamnan